Logos are everywhere, so it can be a difficult task to create one that will stand out from the crowd. Some opt for clean lines and low dimension, while others favor words and bright hues over abstract imagery. Whatever your style, be sure to keep these rules of thumb in mind when designing a logo for your business.

First, remember to keep things simple. Sure, intricate design may help sell graphic tees, but unless these are your premiere product, customers often appreciate a logo that’s more bare and to the point. These types of designs are effective in catching and keeping a customer’s eye when they’re on the move, or staring at a wall full of products, trying to locate yours in the mix. Keeping things simple will also, in turn, make your logo design memorable to someone who only saw it for a moment the first time. This way, the next time they walk by, they’ll associate the image to your business without much mental work.

The next step to building an effective and popular logo design is to make sure it will not go out of style. Many timeless designs are contingent upon font style and color. Try not to play into current design trends too much, and stay true to what makes your brand and products unique. You can test your logo on different target markets that vary widely in age to see if all involved favor your design. This can be a good test of whether your logo will stand the test of time with consumers who are so often looking for the next best thing.

Then, consider whether your logo will work on various surfaces and in different business situations. If there are words, will they fit around a water bottle as well as they fit on a letterhead? If color printing is not available, does it still look cool and is it recognizable? If only negative space is used, can it still be used as your own and be just as memorable to the average customer? If the answer to these kinds of questions is ‘yes’, congratulations, you’ve found the right logo for your business.

And finally, be sure your logo fits the message and vibe of your business. Does the logo itself communicate the type of business you run to the consumer? Are customers walking in surprised, because they thought you sold different kinds of products? If that’s so, you most likely missed the mark with your logo choice and design. Be sure any logo is appropriate for the purpose of your products or services. If your business involves kids, for example, avoid insidious or scary-looking fonts and colors. Rather, use a logo that invokes excitement and stimulation.

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