Plastic bag laws ban single-use carrier bags in more and more cities across the U.S. Bags are even banned entirely in some countries. What’s the alternative?


Sturdy reusable tote bags are the answer. Every trip to the store requires at least a few bags. Tote bags are a lifesaver for beach trips, school stuff, even carrying your dog onto a subway.


Custom tote bags are a favorite premium for customers. Environmentally conscious families bring their own bags on every shopping trip. Why not have a moving billboard of your name and logo?


Read on to learn more about this fan-favorite promo item.


Reuse and Recycle


Custom tote bags come in environmentally-friendly cotton, lightweight nylon or even recycled PET bottle versions. Consumers love bags that they can use over and over. For the cost-conscious, non-woven bags made from recycled materials are the way to go. 


Non-woven bags are sturdy, inexpensive and easily printed. They look good and last up to 10 uses. In some areas, they are recyclable. 


Handy and Easy to Carry


Lightweight folding nylon totes that tuck into a purse or pocket are perfect for people who always forget their reusable bags. They take up little space and are easy to use.


Custom screen-printing on the outside of the bag and on the carrier pouch gives you double exposure. Nylon totes are washable and come in sizes appropriate for fruits and vegetables as well as larger sizes. 


Specialized Totes


Set yourself apart with an insulated or coated tote. Protect picnics or frozen food from the grocery store from changes in temperature with insulation. A zippered flap and reflective material help keep cold in and heat out.


Waterproof coated totes make carrying wet swim gear or groceries easy. Choose a simple graphic design or think about a full photo wrap.


Cotton Custom Tote Bags


The classic cotton canvas tote bag is the gold standard of promo items. Washable, reusable and comfortable to carry, a heavyweight canvas bag can last years. Choose a roomy size and embroider your logo for longest use.


You can look forward to seeing your bag at picnics, at school, or even as airport carry-on luggage! Even more versatile are versions with zippers, insulated walls or flat bottoms.


More cost-conscious selections include screen-printing, lighter weight cotton canvas, smaller size totes or simpler construction.  Bleached canvas gives you greater color control for your printing, but the look of natural cotton is also popular.


Cotton canvas comes in several colors. For frequent reuse without laundering, people prefer darker colors. For a neutral look, natural canvas is the current favorite.


It’s your choice!


Even More Options


Let our experts show you creative options for your custom tote bags. We have a wide selection of sizes, materials, and colors ready for your logo. We can work with your budget to find the most cost-effective way to deliver your message.


Work with our graphics team to create an eye-catching tote bag that everyone wants to carry. Contact us today!