Looking to create custom decal stickers to advertise your business? If you’re thinking of taking up the task of designing your decal stickers yourself, that’s great!

Read on below for 10 design tips on how you can make amazing decal stickers.

1. Custom Decal Stickers Need Strong Text

It’s cool to have tribal-style fonts on your stickers but how legible are they? Custom decals need legibility, especially promotional stickers. Keep font choices simple and easy to read.

2. Create Simple Designs

There is a reason why the brand logos of Nike, McDonald’s, and Apple are so memorable. If you noticed, their designs are so simple yet outstanding. Do the same with your custom decals; simplify your stickers but keep them catchy.

3. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Sticker marketing is an effective advertising strategy. If you’re creating decal stickers to give away to your customers, make sure they can use them well.

So design stickers that are safe for work, inoffensive, and appealing.

4. Find the Right Size

This tip ties in with our previous tip. You may be using your decal stickers for personal use or for commercial use. Whether you or your clients are going to be using them, find the perfect size.

Make your stickers too large and you’ll find fewer places to put them on. Too small and they’re less often noticed. The right size will make your decal stickers usable and promotional.

5. Think in Reverse

Not everyone prefers colored decals. Others might like transparent backgrounds. If you want to design social media window clings that you’d stick inside the glass but faces out, flip your design.

6. Color Matters

All business owners use color psychology marketing to influence their consumers. Finding the right colors adds visual appeal and impact. It’d be smart not only to use this strategy on logos but also on custom decal stickers.

Decide on colors that match your logo or company style. Find a vinyl decal company that can print the exact colors on your design. Test different palettes on different-colored surfaces.

7. Make Decals Your Business Card

Your business will profit from custom sticker decals a lot. Yet for this to take effect, you need to place important business information on your design. And then, distribute by selling them or tucking them in your newsletters.

8. Discover Unique Shapes

While window decal makers love rectangular decals, unique shapes help your designs stand out. You know this will work because atypical designs draw eyes. It also gets imaginative minds going when they see your decals from behind windows.

9. Add a QR Code

QR codes are great little add-ons. They make great CTAs on your custom stickers and decals. Over 34% of American smartphone users scanned a QR code in 2016.

10. Design in CMYK

Avoid RGB and get used to designing in CMYK. Remember that print processes use CMYK colors. This will keep the colors you want close to the print output.

Design Amazing Decals

Those are our 10 tips on designing custom decal stickers. Whether they are for your business or for personal use, we hope our guide helps. For more posts on custom designs, feel free to check out our other blog posts, like this tackling why you need custom band merch!