Savvy business owners understand how a viral buzz can impact their bottom line. And while some are focused on coming up with the next big thing to post on YouTube or Instagram, others are surprised that a sticker marketing campaign can also do wonders.

The best example we can provide you relates to something that happened at one of our client’s kids’ high school.  A few years ago, a new student showed up on campus. On his first day of class, he had a backpack of monkey face stickers in tow. The design was simple enough, and we’ll admit it was pretty cool. He passed the stickers out to all of the people he met, and within days, these stickers were adorning just about everything you could think of. Backpacks, book covers,snowboards- they were everywhere.

But the stickers weren’t necessarily about helping to break the glass and meet new people; the logo just so happened to be the logo that his parents had designed for their snowboard shop. Suffice to say, the sticker campaign helped introduce the new business to the community.

It’s all about guerrilla marketing

If you’re interested in a sticker campaign of your own, you’ll want to be mindful of how you launch it. Giving stacks to your employees and telling them to venture out into the community, slapping stickers on things as if it was a second full time job, is a bad idea.

However, leaving stacks at ski shops, snowboard shops, skate shops and coffee shops, well that’s a winning strategy that everyone can get behind.

The key relates to coming up with a cool design. Your sticker should have something to do with your business (of course), but you’ll also want to ask yourself it the design is something that people would want to adorn their cars or boards with.

If you’re planning on going to a convention, you can also toss a few in grab-bags or you can stack them up at your display booth. The more people that have access to (and take) your stickers, the better.

It’s a great way to launch a new product

Let’s say you’re about to launch a new product. Sure, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars in print or radio ads, or you could get a bit more creative. Launching a product with a sticker campaign is a great way to get the word out. Again, the key is in the design. The design should be cool,interesting, and something that people will want to get their hands on. The more water bottles, lunch boxes, skateboards and bumpers your stickers wind upon, the better.

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