Screen printing is one of the top ways businesses customize merchandise. With nearly infinite product options, screen printing allows you to create customized products. T-shirts, totes, travel accessories, and tech gadgets are just a few popular items screen printers in Denver, Colorado, are branding. Screen printing benefits your business in many ways and can also be used to create fun accessories for group adventures. Sports teams, bachelorette parties, and family reunions are just a few community events your neighbors choose to work with a Denver screen printer. Before we get into all the ways Rocky Mountain Apparel, a trusted screen printer in Denver, Colorado, can curate your perfect experience, let us talk first about screen printing. 

What is a Denver Screen Printer? 

A Denver screen printer is someone who uses screen printing to decorate, customize, or brand items in Denver, Colorado. Screen printing is the technique when ink or metal transfers a design onto another surface by forcing it through a fine screen. Many surfaces can be used with the screen printing technique. Wood, metal, plastic, and glass can all be used by a Denver screen printer. However, the most common materials used by screen printers in Denver, Colorado, are fabric and paper. 

When choosing which product and surface are best for your Denver screen printing project, reach out to Rocky Mountain Apparel. Our Denver screen printer specialists team will help you create the perfect promotional item or experience souvenir. 

Most Popular Apparel Items to Screen Print 

The most popular category to screen print is the apparel category. Professional screen printers in Denver, Colorado, see various apparel branded each season. Here are a few of a Denver screen printer’s most popular apparel choices. 

  • T-Shirts: T-shirts are the go-to choice for many different groups. Sports teams, company uniforms, event staff, group trips, and family reunions are a few local community groups that utilize t-shirt screen printers in Denver, Colorado. 
  • Hats: Hats are a favorite year-round in Colorado. With bright sunshine in every season, hats are a fantastic item to screen print to promote your brand. Winter hats are available at Rocky Mountain Apparel, your local Denver screen printer.
  • Jackets: Layering season has begun. Ensure you and your staff stay warm while looking professional with custom screen-printed jackets. Rocky Mountain Apparel offers a variety of North Face jackets to customize for you and your crew. 
  • Shorts/Pants: Screen printers in Denver, Colorado, often print customized shorts and sweatpants for the local athletic teams.  
  • Sweaters: Customized sweatshirts and sweaters are a great way to show your support during the colder months while staying warm. 
  • Masks: If you are looking for custom or branded masks, Rocky Mountain Apparel is a leading Denver screen printer. 
  • Onesies: Adult and infant sizes of onesies are available. They make great gifts! 
  • Scarves and Gloves: A Denver, Colorado, essential, branded scarves and gloves are another way to ensure your team is looking their best while staying warm. 

Customize your look by choosing Rocky Mountain Apparel, your local Denver screen printer, for all apparel screen printing needs. 

Most Popular Daily Accessories to Screen Print

A favorite aspect of screen printing is how well the method works on various surfaces. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the top daily items screen printing can be utilized on. Whether you want to customize your personal collection or brand company merchandise, Rocky Mountain Apparel is your trusted Denver screen printer. 

  • Notebooks: Notebooks are essential for many people during their day. Jotting down thoughts, ideas, or to-do lists in a custom notebook enhances the experience. Customize your personal notebooks or brand merchandise. 
  • Pens: Pens are one of the most used Denver screen printer items. Used many times during the day, pens and writing utensils are also one of the best swag promotional items for companies to give away. Repeatedly seeing your brand will create a bond between your company and your local consumer. 
  • Stickers: Stickers will never go out of style. Screen printers in Denver, Colorado, at Rocky Mountain Apparel, work to make your custom stickers precisely as you envision. A plethora of options and being a crowd favorite make Denver screen printed stickers a top choice for many brands and events. 
  • Backpacks: Backpacks are a popular item to customize. Show off your style by working with a Denver screen printer to create a custom screen printed backpack. 
  • Tote Bags: Tote bags are another classic item companies regularly choose as custom merchandise. Easy to customize, Rocky Mounta Apparel screen printers in Denver, Colorado, offer multiple sizes and color tote bag options for you to choose from. 
  • Flashlights: Flashlights are a practical item you can customize or brand when working with a Denver screen printer. The Rocky Mountain Apparel swag team can help you select the perfect thing for you to brand. Flashlights are especially great if you work within the growing outdoor community in Colorado!
  • Water Bottles: Every human needs to drink a certain amount of water daily. Hydration is essential when you live at such a high altitude as we do in Denver, Colorado. Customize water bottles with your logo with Rocky Mountain Apparel, a Denver screen printer. 

As you can see, we use many items each day that you and a Denver screen printer can use to create custom items or branded merchandise. The Rocky Mountain Apparel team will walk you through your options and help you find the perfect thing to screen print for your next idea. 

Fun Items to Customize with Screen Printing

Here are some more creative items that a Denver screen printer like Rocky Mountain Apparel can customize for you. These items work great as individual gifts and for companies looking to screen print niche items. 

  • Skateboards: Skaters in Denver and all around, listen up! Make your board unique by customizing it with Rocky Moutain Apparel, your local Denver screen printer. 
  • Snowboards: With wither sports season upon us, you snowboarders can show off your style on the slopes with custom screen print designs on your snowboards. 
  • Golf Bags: Golf bags are the perfect custom gift for any golf enthusiast in your life. Ask a Rocky Mountain Apparel representative about the different niche items available to screen print in Denver, Colorado. 
  • Guitar Picks: The perfect swag for a musical niche business, guitar picks are a popular item screen printers in Denver, Colorado, work with. 
  • Electronics: Brand and customize various electronics with a Denver screen printer. Medical equipment and gaming consoles are two examples of electronics that can be screen printed. 
  • Lunch Boxes: Back to school or packing work lunch is better with a cool, custom screen printed lunch box. Make bringing your snacks with you fun.  

Household Items You Screen Print

There are numerous household items you can customize with a Denver screen printer. Perfect for home and cooking-centric brands, these items are a sho-in for screen printers in Denver, Colorado. 

  • Napkins: Thick paper and cloth napkins can are easily decorated with screen printing. Customize the details of your event or create a unique set with a Denver screen printer like Rocky Mountain Apparel. 
  • Dish Towels: Creative dish towels are becoming increasingly popular. Tell your kitchen sayings to a Denver screen printer to create your custom screen printed dish towels. 
  • Aprons: Aprons are classic gifts that are fun and easy to customize. Chefs love to show off their style with an apron representing their personality beyond the food. 
  • Glassware: Glassware is one of the most popular items for screen printers in Denver, Colorado, to order. Custom cups are a great way to commemorate an occasion or share a brand with consumers. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Denver Screen Printer? 

Working with a Denver screen printer has many benefits. You can create unique items that express your identity and help you share it with the world. Screen printing can be used on various surfaces, making it a versatile go-to option when creating custom items. The vibrance of the paint against dark color backgrounds is another top reason for choosing a Denver screen printer. Large orders often have a low cost, making screen printing the perfect choice when ordering for big events or swag merchandise. 

Screen Printers in Denver, Colorado 

Rocky Mountain Apparel is committed to providing you with top-quality services. For over 25 years, we have provided the community with high-quality promotional products, embroidery services, and screen printing. Our services include each step of creating custom items, from graphic design to helping you choose the best promotional item. We believe in staying current with new technology and methodology for each service we offer. 

We are a top-quality Denver screen printer committed to offering our services at affordable rates. The cost of your Denver screen printer order will depend on variables such as garment quality, the number of colors in the design, the quantity of the order, and your desired deadline. Working with screen printers in Denver, Colorado, like Rocky Mountain Apparel, can ensure you have the best experience when creating custom items. Reach out for your no-obligation quote today!