Promotional products are a fantastic way for your business to rally support among its customer base. Through stellar merchandise, you can strengthen your brand while making a profit – it’s a win-win.

Once you’ve decided to sell promotional products, however, a key question arises: Which promotional products are the best to sell? Remarkably, you can stamp your logo on just about anything. But, given that you have to commit funds to merchandise production, it’s important to strategically select the promotional products to offer to consumers.

Here, we’ll outline the five best promotional products for your business. We’ll also explain what makes these products the most effective promotional tools for modern businesses.


T-shirts are the quintessential promotional product. Simple and effective, T-shirts offer everything you need in a great promotional product: function, cost-efficiency, easy storage, and ample surface area for screen printing.

T-shirts are also remarkably versatile. You can create T-shirts in a range of styles and sizes for men, women, teenagers, and kids. As a universal garment, the humble T-shirt can work wonders in promoting your brand.

Additionally, you can use your creativity in the design of promotional T-shirts for your business. Whether you offer the T-shirt in several colors or provide multiple graphics for customers to choose from, there are many strategies for making your promotional t-shirts stand out.


Drinkware is another straightforward but highly successful promotional product option. From mugs to tumblers and even beer glasses, drinkware is accessible, popular, and genuinely useful.

Just about all of us have some sort of mug collection at home. After all, most people drink coffee or tea every day, meaning that mugs are used daily. This makes mugs a reliable gift option for people of all ages. As a gift to your boss, your teacher, your friend, or a family member, it’s hard to disappoint with a stellar mug design.

Also, drinkware is commonly shared, meaning that it can spread the word about your brand. Just think: most people offer guests at their home a beverage. If they reach for your promotional drinkware, they’ll be spreading the word about your business (and you won’t have to pay a dime in advertising costs!).


Everyone could use a tote bag to carry groceries and other shopping goodies home from the store. Much like T-shirts, tote bags provide the surface area needed for screen printing a logo or other graphic. Tote bags can be made in all sorts of colors and sizes, allowing you to create a design that suits your business.

Another key benefit of tote bags as promotional products is their eco-friendly message. Especially with plastic bag restrictions spreading across the country, we should all be encouraging the use of reusable bags for shopping. By offering tote bags as part of your business’s promotional product lineup, you can help your customers cut down on their use of disposable bags.


Basic tech items are now popular promotional product options for businesses. Items like power banks and USB drives receive frequent use among professionals. Many workers could always make use of another USB drive or power bank. So, by stamping your logo on these tech items, you can rally awareness for your brand while providing truly useful merchandise.

USB drives and power banks are our top picks for promotional tech items. Both of these items provide ample space to print your logo. But, other tech items can make excellent merchandise, too. Earbuds in a branded case and mini Bluetooth speakers, for example, are other sought-after tech items that work well as promotional products.


Office workers spend hours at their desks every single day. So, desk accessories get frequent use and are generally out for the world to see. With promotional desk accessories for your business, you can make your logo a prominent visual in your customers’ offices.

You can print your logo on many different types of desk accessories. The most popular options include:

  • Pens
  • Business card holders
  • Paperweights
  • Mouse pads
  • Calendars
  • Clocks

This list of leading promotional products offers something for everyone. No matter your target demographic, you can develop a line of promotional offerings that will stir up excitement among your customer base.