Although most people don’t think about cleaning out their closets and drawers until the spring, the fall is also an optimal time to do this.

Sure, it may not fall onto your top 5 list of favorite things to do, but if you’re like most people, your closets and drawers are bound to have more than few items that should be tossed, retired or donated.

Below are just a few reasons you’ll want to tackle that job before the winter hits.

You’ll have more space for new things

If you have a family that’s big into holiday gift-giving, it may be worth clearing out your closet to make some room for new shirts, dresses, hooded sweatshirts and/or jackets.

Besides, how much of what’s currently in your closet, do you actually wear? Sure, that big puffy jacket you’ve had for the past however many years may have some great memories attached to it, but if you haven’t worn it since before President Obama took office (for his first term), it’s probably time to kiss it good bye.

While you’re in your closet, go through your hoodies.

The cross-country sweatshirt you’ve had since 10th grade can probably go, too. The shirt you wore that one time to that one party that hasn’t seen the light of day since? Donate it. The sweater that has the hole under the right arm? Either take it to the tailor to have it fixed or add it to the Goodwill pile.

This brings us to shoes. First, how many pairs do you have, and second, how many pairs do you use. Do you really need 4 pairs of gym shoes? Ladies, if you haven’t worn the 5-inch heels since you bought them, because you were pretty quick to realize that they had “ankle sprain” written all over them, the shoes can go.

Your style has probably changed

Several years ago, one of our team members (a card-carrying tomboy) absolutely hated dresses. She swore up and down she’d never own one. Today? Well, let’s just say she recently admitted having an entire (large) section of her closet that’s been designated for dresses.

People’s likes, and styles inevitably evolve. Which means, there are probably a few things in your closet that you probably won’t ever wear again. These shirts, shoes, sweaters, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts and button-ups can all be donated to a local charity.

Someone else can put your unwanted clothing to good use

The fall and winter are often filled with clothing drives- if your local place of worship isn’t doing one, you’ll probably notice that clothing donation bins will start to pop up throughout the city.

If you’re not wanting to drive from point A to point B, consider asking your friends and neighbors to collect items they’d like to donate. If you have a sizable donation, a charitable organization may be able to come pick it up.

In closing

Once your closet is free of the clutter, be sure to check out Rocky Mountain Apparel’s design lab and Colorado tees.  Who knows—maybe you’ll find something you like!

Happy cleaning!