Customers today are loaded with a variety of options for apparel. How you dress is an expression of your personal style statement. Your business or professional job requires your clothing to be sophisticated and sharp. But your authentic and comfortable styling needs something that feels soft on the skin and brings out your internal swag. And the breathable fabric is always a win. 

What could be better than having all these qualities and a design that embraces your essence? A custom-designed t-shirt made with impeccable fabric where your chosen print is a vibrant and intricate blend of colors.

If you are looking for personalized, comfortable clothing or would like to gift someone the luxury of that, a screen-printed t-shirt is an option you must consider. Businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals alike repeatedly turn to screen printing in Denver at Rocky Mountain Apparel. 

Our team at Rocky Mountain Apparel has been providing the best screen printing in Denver for the past 25 years. Our team is a perfect blend of artists who have woven this historical art into modern times. You can choose our exclusive designs that range from single-color to multi-color options. We also provide you with various designs created from scratch with original ideas and attention to detail. 

This blog will help you understand the framework, benefits, and excellence of screen printing in Denver. Did you know screen printing works on more than fabric? Custom clothing or accessories could be your next best purchase, and Rocky Mountain Apparel can make it happen. Keep reading!

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a popular technique used to print custom designs, typically on fabric or paper. To create a screen print, a printer uses a mesh screen, ink, and squeegee to shift a stenciled design onto a flat surface. 

Here the printer first creates a stencil with a fine mesh screen, then pushes the ink through the screen to achieve the customized design. In the case of multi-colored designs, the ink goes in multiple layers with different stencils for each ink.

The art of screen printing dates back to AD 950 China, where it started, later it traveled to Japan and Europe. With modernization and connectivity, screen printing art has gained worldwide popularity. Today it is chosen, loved, and recommended by many people. 

Rocky Mountain Apparel is here for all of your screen printing in Denver projects. Our experienced staff will help you find the best route to bring your vision with embroidery, promotional products, and screen printing in Denver, Colorado, to life. For orders of 1 to 10,000, Rocky Mountain Apparel is Denver’s favorite professional screen printer for t-shirts, totes, banners, and swag. 

Screen Printing Techniques

At Rocky Mountain Apparel, we specialize in three types of screen printing in Denver. Our printing expertise for apparel and swap is in high-quality plastisol, water-based, and discharge printing. These techniques of screen printing in Denver allow us to provide you with high-quality screen printing on light and dark surfaces. 

The printing experts at Rocky Mountain Apparel will walk you through the best options for your screen printing in Denver. Each printing project is unique, and our process is customized from start to finish. 

What are the Benefits of Screen Printing?

Screen printing has incredible benefits over other commercial processes like DTG (direct to garment) or heat pressing systems. An efficient and reliable professional screen printing company in Denver, such as Rocky Mountain Apparel, can further elevate the standard of material and design of your final product. Reach out to Rocky Moutain Apparel and speak with one of our specialists about screen printing in Denver. Used on a variety of surfaces, screen printing is one of the top choices for creating promotional material, or swag, for company giveaways, gifts, and team jerseys. 

Here are our top three benefits of screen printing:

Color Vibrancy

Screen printing differs significantly from DTG(direct-to-garment) printing. There is no requirement for a stencil in DTG, and the multilayer design is transferred all at once. Also, the ink used in digital printing is lower quality than the ink used in screen printing. The thick layer of screen printing ink enhances the color after printing. 

Due to these factors, the final product is richer in hues and comes out more vibrant with screen printing in Denver. If you want your design to stand out from the rest, you know what to choose! Rocky Mountain Apparel is here for all of your Denver screen printing needs. 

Long-Lasting, Quality Print

You might want to get a shirt press and make your own customized t-shirt with a photo or graphic. However, that falls remarkably short compared to professionally done screen printing in Denver. The delicate balance of various colors through different stencils done by professionals will give you a high-quality product that looks better and feels better on your skin.

Unlike the shirt press, screen printing designs do not fade or crack away. Your piece of clothing also lasts for a much longer time. Due to its durability, screen printing in Denver is a popular choice for items such as jerseys and uniforms. 

Order More, Pay Less

If you are looking for bulk gifting in your workspace or are planning an event, screen printing items like t-shirts, totes, or accessories is one of the best options. Screen printing in Denver is often chosen for promotional material, resulting in marketing that lasts for years. 

An established and professional screen printing company in Denver, such as Rocky Mountain Apparel, cuts down your expense with customized bulk orders. Your cost per t-shirt goes down considerably in such scenarios. Our professional screen printing machines at Rocky Mountain Apparel allow us to fulfill orders with more than 10,000 items. 

Price of Screen Printing in Denver

Pricing for screen printing in Denver is dependent on several determining factors. We will walk through these elements below. Contact Rocky Mountain Apparel to get quotes for your screen printing in Denver

Quality and Quantity

The fabric you choose and the number of pieces you order are two significant factors that set up your base pricing. Some materials are light and breathable, while others are warming. Our screen printing specialists can find you the best option, keeping your budget and use of apparel in mind. 

Pro-tip: Rocky Mountain Apparel has no minimum order, but we always recommend you order a couple extra to save some bucks!


Number of Print Places

The cost of screen printing in Denver is generally less if you choose either the front or back side for printing. Each place requires a setup and screen stencil for imprinting. More locations for print require more stencils and ink. A Rocky Mountain Apparel printing specialist will guide you through your design options for screen printing in Denver. 

Number of Colors

Colors have a crucial role in deciding the run time and the setup. If you choose a single-color print, the cost is less. Layers of colors can increase the cost of your screen printing in Denver. 

Date of Delivery

If you have a tighter deadline, then the cost of your order is likely to go up. Reach out to Rocky Mountain Apparel to find out if we can expedite your screen printing order to meet your deadline. 

Worried Your Screen Printing will Wash Out?

Drop your worries immediately when you choose a professional company like Rocky Mountain Apparel to screen print your item. Our skilled team members know the correct washable heat-treated ink and the drying temperature and timing accuracy. We stay up-to-date with the latest screen printing industry trends by attending regular training. 

Apart from establishing our name as one of the most loved Denver custom screen printing services, Rocky Mountain Apparel is also renowned for embroidery and promotional projects. We sincerely craft designs that are creative and innovative. Our competent team is the proper amalgamation of artistic excellence, professional attitude, and out-of-the-box thinking.

We look forward to connecting with you to hear more about your screen printing project in Denver. Rocky Mountain Apparel is here to guide you through your printing options. 

Where are the Best Custom Printing Services in Denver?

At Rocky Mountain Apparel, the best screen printing company in Denver, we want our customers to have a little space for our clothes in their closets. As we tailor-make your design, we give excellent screen printing on quality materials. Our several satisfied customers can vouch for the professional screen printing services we provided when there was no room for quality compromise.

In our journey of almost three decades of craft, we are acclaimed for our premier screen printing in Denver. Our standard of work is unmatchable in terms of affordability, which comes with the finest fits and fabrics of your choice. Rocky Mountain Apparel provides the Denver metro area with orders filled from single print to thousands. 

Rocky Mountain Apparel printing specialists are ready to guide you through the promotional material, embroidery, and screen printing in Denver process. Reach out for your free quote for screen printing in Denver today.