Savvy business owners know that brand awareness is key. Not only does it allow you logo to be identifiable, when people are familiar with your brand, they’re far more likely to become a customer.

One of the easiest ways to create brand awareness is through the use of promotional items. Key chains, mugs, t-shits and bottle openers are often given away at trade shows or other types of events.

Sometimes, a company will order a batch of custom screen-printed t-shirts or sweatshirts for its employees in advance of a meeting or outing. In addition to giving your employees a sense of being part of a group, it also helps create brand awareness.

Again, brand recognition of a company can help keep both your company and its products in the mind of a potential customer for as long as possible. If you distribute mouse pads, pens and other types of daily-use items, potential customers will look at your logo each and every day.

Low cost mass outreach

Marketing can be expensive. Google Ad Words, billboards, commercials and radio spots can cost you an arm and a leg. Promotional products, however, are relatively in expensive. Unlike mass media, this type of marketing is not going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars each month. When you use promotional products, you’ll be tapping into cost-effective advertising that comes at a fraction of the cost of media buys.

Better than business cards

If you’ve ever traveled to a trade show you probably left with a bunch of stuff. Chocolate bars with company logos printed on the wrapper, mugs, t-shirts, pens, mouse pads- if you can think of it, it’s likely been printed with a company logo. Right now- if you were to go to your home office desk and open up a drawer- how many pens or notepads would you find, that you received as part of a promotional giveaway?  While you’re in your desk, take a look around and see how many business cards you have on hand. We’re guessing the answer is “none.”

People hold onto promo items. People do not hold onto business cards.

Repeat exposure is key

As we just mentioned, people tend to hold onto promo items for a very long time. In fact, one of our coworkers still has a large t-shirt that she received eight years ago at a trade show. She sleeps in that t-shirt almost every night.

Every time a person touches or sees your promotional item, be it a coffee mug, Chapstick or highlighter, they’re seeing your brand.

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