Have you ever pulled a shirt out of the dryer and noticed a few letters were beginning to peel, or maybe found the picture on a T-shirt distorted from the heat? Could you imagine going to Walmart and seeing an employee with a W missing? That’s not a worry in the world of embroidery. Crewelwork, needlepoint, and even good ole quilting are just a few basic techniques in the art of decorating material known as embroidery. 

Here we will go over all things embroidery, focusing on the benefits embroidery can bring to your business today.  

Table of Contents:

  1. Regal Beginnings of Embroidery
  2. Did You Know Embroidery is Good for Your Health? 
  3. How Embroidery is Done Today
  4. Most Popular Apparel Items to Embroider 
  5. How Embroidery Benefits Your Business 
  6. Custom Embroidery in Denver, Colorado 

Regal Beginnings of Embroidery 

Embroidery can be as simple as a name on a shirt or the Nike logo on a hat. It can even be as intricate as the quillwork done by Tribe of North America, embroidering bark and animal skins with dyed porcupine quills. This long-living art form has been around since as early as 490 BCE when ancient Persians wore quilted garments as armor. During the Ch’ing Dynasty, imperial silk robes were the most famous of ancient Chinese embroidery. Embroidery is and always will be one of the most prestigious and original forms of decorating different kinds of material. Before the mid-18th century, most professional embroiderers in Europe were actually attached to a court or a wealthy family. 

Fast forward to 2022, companies like Rocky Mountain Apparel provide custom embroidery, which is a great way to get a professional look added to any of your material goods. Even today, embroidery brings an air of luxury with it. From well-known and respected brands such as Ralph Lauren Polo to high-end fashion designers like Alice Archer, embroidery can be seen across the most prestigious levels of apparel. It comes as no surprise that seeing an embroidered uniform gives a new customer a sense of status that evokes feelings of trustworthiness and confidence. Two of the feelings any business should strive for from their clientele. 

Did You Know Embroidery is Good for Your Health? 

Studies have also shown that embroidery by hand is also a great hobby to take up in spare time. Textile crafts have been shown to bring many health benefits when done regularly. The new yet repetitive motion requires all of your focus, creating new areas for your brain to exercise. Due to the redirection of your energy, embroidery can reduce stress and anxiety levels, in turn lowering blood pressure and bringing you to a more centered state of mind. Some studies suggest that textile crafts such as embroidery also help fight the onset of dementia. If you are looking for a new hobby to pick up, look into textile crafts. You may surprise yourself!  

How Embroidery is Done Today 

While you can still find hand-embroidered apparel all over the world, most embroidery today is done using machines. Today’s embroidery machines make it possible to have vivid, detailed embroidery on nearly any kind of fabric.  

At Rocky Mountain Apparel, we have 44 embroidery machine heads, allowing us to fulfill any size order in a timely manner. The creative ways to express yourself are unlimited with embroidery. Our custom embroidery includes the use of our in-house editing and digitizing of designs with no limits on colors or complex designs. You have the full creative range, and we are happy to collaborate, guide, and build your embroidery needs in order to make your visions come true.  

Most Popular Apparel Items to Embroider 

One of the favorite advantages of embroidery is the long-lasting vivid colors of the strings. This allows you to play with colors in a way that will make your design stand out. Embroidery is a great way to market your brand on give-aways or apparel to sell.  

Here are some of the most popular items getting embroidered in Denver, Colorado. 


One of the many benefits of embroidery is that it is able to be done on a variety of fabrics. This means that you get to choose the most suitable fabric for you and your lifestyle while wearing said shirt. Our team at Rocky Mountain Apparel is happy to talk to you about your needs and help guide you to the perfect fit!  


Hats of all shapes and sizes can be embellished with an embroidery design or your company logo. The vivid colors and strength of the strands make embroidery a great option for any hat, enduring through wear and tear to become a favorite.  

Tote Bags

Another great option to increase brand awareness is putting your logo or brand design on a tote bag or fanny pack. These practical giveaways can be used in everyday life for potential consumers, leaving a pleasant impression of your company in their minds.  

How Embroidery Benefits Your Business 

Embroidery brings a multitude of benefits to your business when incorporated throughout the different areas of your business. From marketing campaigns to in-house uniforms, Rocky Mountain Apparel is your local, professional apparel company in Denver, CO, to help with your embroidery needs and dreams.  

Here are a few ways that embroidery can beneficially impact your business.  

Provides a More Durable Uniform than Screen Printing 

Embroidery has a longer life span than other branding methods such as screen printing. The vivid colors of the design will stay that way for years to come, while a screen-printed design is destined to fade away. This durability makes embroidery the perfect choice for uniforms in any industry. Withstanding regular washing and daily wear and tear on the job, your embroidered uniforms can lower your business cost on uniforms with a lesser need to reorder a replacement batch every few months. From doctors to sports coaches, embroidery is used on uniforms to clearly convey the desired message of the design. You can too! 

Evokes Feelings of Trustworthiness and Confidence in Your Business

As we mentioned above, today’s embroidery comes from a long line of regal-ness. Over the centuries, we have organically become engrained to associate embroidery with respect due to the people who first sported the hand stitching phenomenon. Embroidered uniforms benefit you in two ways, both invoking the same feelings of trust and confidence in the client.  

Aside from the subconscious connection, well-put-together uniforms allow a customer to clearly denote who works in your business and who is a fellow Patreon. Studies have shown that many customers feel more secure when they enter a business that uses uniforms. The consistency in clothing allows them to find an immediate person to ask for help, rather than accidentally asking a fellow customer.  

Embroidery Increases Brand Awareness within the Community 

Brand awareness is one of the highest goals of any marketing campaign. By increasing brand awareness within your community, you increase your business. One of the most efficient ways to increase brand awareness is with giveaways. Practical giveaways such as pens or bags are a good route. 

Using embroidery to place your logo, business name, or design onto everyday items such as hats, bags, fanny packs, t-shirts, or even socks adds quality to the item you are giving away. Great quality items produce a longer lifespan, in turn keeping your brand around much longer than a pen lasts.  

Custom Embroidery in Denver, Colorado 

Rocky Mountain Apparel in Denver, Colorado, has been producing top-quality embroidery for over 25 years. If you are ready to refresh your company’s uniform, reach out. Our experienced team will walk you through the different options, helping you find just the right fit for your business.  

However, businesses are not the only people who can use embroidery. Planning an event with a thank you gift? Why not add years to the life of that gift and have the design embroidered rather than printed. The memories of the day will be sure to last vividly with such a thoughtful touch.  

Embroidery brings a classic, professional touch to every project. Today’s embroidery machines and graphic design have allowed the amount of detail in embroidery to exponentially increase over the years – we have seen it and evolved with it. We are now able to take on large-scale projects with ease and design that have never been better.  

Alongside embroidery, we also provide other services, including screen printing, promotional products, banners, and graphic design. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your brand awareness and business marketing needs when it comes to getting your logo out in the community. Our team specializes in finding the best product to complete your vision of spreading your message to the world.  

Always searching for the best products with the lowest costs to save you money, Rocky Mountain Apparel strives to get you exactly what you want at the best price. For a quote on your next printing, embroidery, sticker, or marketing and promotional project, please call (303) 292-3331 or reach out online.