If moving to the Centennial State is your first new year’s resolution of 2018 and you’re coming to our great state in the next few months, beware. Beware of the cold, the snowy, the windy, and the dry. These are conditions that characterize the winter season in Colorado, and our team at Rocky Mountain Apparel is here to provide some crucial style tips, from our weather-tested Colorado wardrobes to you. Here are our top 3 Colorado closet essentials for 2018:

The Slim ‘Puffer’

It’s the quintessential Denver-area outerwear, worn out each night regardless of what’s underneath. The ‘puffer’-style zip-up jacket, without singling out any specific brands, is available at stores all over our city and across the state. It’s the perfect jacket that will keep you warm without the bulkiness of a ski coat or winter parka, and often has a helpful hood and deep pockets. Plus, these jackets can also zip into a waterproof shell for wear in the backcountry or during a storm. At Rocky Mountain Apparel, we specialize in embroidery and screen printing that can go on almost all types of clothing, including outerwear.

Waterproof Boots

They don’t have to be multicolored, or feature faux fur, or rise to a specific height on your calf. Despite these details that locals love to customize, all you’ll need for your first Colorado winter is a nice pair of waterproof boots that can keep your feet cozy and dry – and hopefully provide a little traction in the process. We also suggest investing in a few good pairs of warm crew socks; whether you go full wool or cotton-based by design, these are sure to keep your feet happy until springtime comes again.


Because they rarely see the light of day, various forms of warm under-layers often drop from other must-have lists. But in Colorado, we know you’re probably layering up. Our weather patterns pass quickly and can change on a dime, so being prepared for anything, even in Denver and along the Front Range, is essential to surviving the winter season at a mile high. Invest in reflective underlayers or those made of merino wool, if you’re ready to invest in long-lasting items that will live in your closet for decades.

If you’re in the market for customized apparel solutions in the new year, call us today at Rocky Mountain Apparel to get started.