Is the typical thermostat sexist?

The business climate offers an opportunity– in this case, of the climate-controlled, central air-conditioned variety.

In thousands of offices, airplanes, and conference centers, you find women wrapped in improvised blanket burritos, huddled around illicit space heaters. The engineering calculations for thermal demand assume that the typical office worker is young, male and dressed in a coat and tie.

Shockingly, this means that indoor spaces are too cool for most female metabolisms and often too cool for more casually dressed visitors of either sex.

Enter the easy solution: the office hoodie. Customized hoodies look cool, keep your associates warm and are perfect to promote your brand.

Who Are You Wearing?

The question isn’t just for red carpets. Customized hoodies are the perfect vehicle for multiple impressions. Every time they are worn or just hang on the back of an office chair, your message sinks a little deeper into the viewer’s brain.

No one can argue with the benefits of promotional merchandise. What sets your custom printed or embroidered hoodies apart is the value. Hoodies are versatile garments. 

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, famously wears a grey zip-up hoodie every single day. He may be a multi-billionaire, but he still loves his logo hoodies. Many photos show the tone on tone embroidered Facebook icons on the left or right chest.

Customized Hoodies- Bold or Subtle

Logos or messages placed on the left or right chest are traditional. Contemporary looks include vertically along the arm, at the wrist or around the hood. All-over designs are a popular choice, especially for printed repeating patterns.

With Colorado’s variable weather, a hoodie is a great layering choice for indoor or outdoor wear. Make sure your logo swag is the garment everyone reaches for. Look for jackets in breathable, comfortable, soft fabrics. Print or embroider your logo for viewing from the front and back. 

Lightweight French terry or sweatshirt material is a good choice for indoor wear year-round. Choose a waterproof fleece for winter or outdoor use. Add patches, embroidery or screen-printing to customize.

Go one step further and personalize your swag with individual names. It will be worn until it falls apart!

Swag Everyone Wants

Make your customized hoodies or custom sweatshirts the “must-have” swag for the season. Every office thermostat offers the opportunity. You just need to provide a personalized touch.

Your logo and message appear as boldly or subtly as you want– and you get many impressions as the garment is worn or displayed. Message placement is up to you. Popular spots are on the chest or arm. 

Design professionals at Rocky Mountain Apparel can help you with high or low contrast colors, logo placement, printing effects, embroidery choices, and more. Make your hoodie the one everyone wears. Contact us for a design consultation and quote today!