As a business owner, you want to make sure your marketing game is on point. When decide to print custom, screen-printed t-shirts with Rocky Mountain Apparel, you’re not only creating brand identity, you’re turning those who wear these t-shirts into walking billboards for your business.

Did you know that if you set up a display table at trade show or street festival, and you lay out a full array of promotional items, nine times out of ten, people will reach for a t-shirt over things like mugs, pens and/or bottle openers?

Regardless as to whether you’ll be giving the t-shirts to your employees, volunteers or you’re printing up a batch because you decided to sponsor a little league team, custom designed, screen-printed t-shirts from Rocky Mountain apparel are bound to get you noticed.

Quality is key

When you work with Rocky Mountain Apparel you’re not just creating marketing swag, you’ll be creating high-quality products that are printed to last. Some of our clients have told us that they still have (and wear) t-shirts that we printed for them four-score and however many years ago.

When you chose high-quality screen printing on high-quality clothing, the apparel will look good. That, and people will love to wear what you’re passing out. Again, this all circles back to creating walking billboards for your business!

If you need help designing a logo or you want to upgrade the logo you already have, we can help with that, too.

Choices galore

When it comes to choosing custom screen-printed t-shirts, if you can dream it, we can probably design it. Yes, we can help you with t-shirts, but we can also help you with pens, hats, stickers and all sorts of other fun giveaways.

Are you wanting to print up some tank tops and t-shirts for the summer? We’ve got you covered. When winter comes back around, would you be interested in printing up some hoodies, beanies and/or fleece jackets? We can help you there too.

Again, it all circles back to helping get your logo out there, creating brand awareness and being able to capitalize off the advertising you’ll get when people wear your swag.

Or, maybe, you’re sending your team to attend a big conference. What better way to get your brand out there than to have custom branded dress shirts and/or custom screen-printed polo shirts?

Do you have employees that enjoy hiking or running? Have you considered surprising them with custom, moisture-wicking performance t-shirts?

When you combine the seemingly endless possibilities with our enormous color selection and our team of highly-talented, in-house graphic designers, the style possibilities are practically infinite.

Why we’re awesome

At Rocky Mountain Apparel we’ve been helping businesses just like yours with all of their screen printing needs for more than three decades. If you’re interested in learning more about how custom screen-printed t-shirts can benefit your business, or if you have questions about the design process and order turnaround time, drop us a line today to learn more.