Promotional products such as t-shirts are among the most popular items. Around 53% of people use their promotional product once a week. And men are more likely to wear a promotional t-shirt than women. 

T-shirt ads are an effective marketing tool, but no one will wear a shirt if they don’t like the message. If you’re thinking of t-shirt campaigns, it’s smart to do some homework first.

With that in mind, we want to help give you some t-shirt marketing ideas. Keep reading to learn nine great examples of t-shirt marketing. 

1. T-shirt Ads Such as I Love NY

I ? NY t-shirts are synonymous with New York City. And that’s because they were designed specifically to promote tourism in 1977. 

Since then it’s become one of the most worn t-shirts of all time making it one of the most successful t-shirt campaigns around. 

2. Superman T-Shirts

Superman t-shirts are popular with kids of all ages from adults to babies. And while many people assume that the giant “S” stands for Superman, it actually is the Kryptonian symbol for hope. 

3. Nike’s Just Do It

T-shirt advertising isn’t just about selling your brand. It’s also about creating a fashion statement.

And Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign did just that. You’ll find everyone from fitness fanatics to celebrities wearing Nike fashionwear. 

4. Rolling Stones Tongue 

John Pasche designed the now famous Rolling Stones tongue in 1970. In 2008 it was voted the greatest band logo of all time. 

This t-shirt was also one of the first examples of rock brand marketing

5. D.A.R.E.

In 1983 the International Drug Abuse Resistance Education program (D.A.R.E.) started a trend when they gave out these t-shirts for free to students. While the t-shirt campaign is designed to keep kids off drugs, it soon turned into a fashion statement as well. 

6. Frankie Say Relax

If you’re a band looking for t-shirt marketing ideas, look back to the 1980s when the British band “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” started their own t-shirt campaign. Their big hit, “Relax” inspired them to put the slogan “Frankie Say Relax” in block letters.

And while the band broke up years ago, these t-shirts are still in style. 

7. Vote for Pedro

The cult hit “Napoleon Dynamite” which was released in 2004 was such a hit that it gave birth to the iconic t-shirt, “Vote for Pedro”. Shortly after the movie’s release, the t-shirt gained mass appeal. 

Even today this popular t-shirt is used during elections. In 2016, “Pedro” became a popular write-in choice for those protesting the choices of candidates. 

8. Coca-Cola

When it comes to designing a perfect t-shirt marketing campaign, Coca-Cola has perfected it to an art form. The Coca-Cola company simply used its brand colors and logo which can be found all over the world. 

9. Rock the Vote

The iconic “Rock the Vote” t-shirt marketing campaign was launch in 1992. It began as a way to reach out to younger voters. 

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