Did you know that t-shirts have been around since the early 20th century? Although back then, people considered them as underwear!

It wasn’t until the 1950s that the ultimate causal t-shirt look became a trendy item.

But cool t-shirt designs are not only created for a casual look. You can use them to tell the world a message or spread awareness.

Trendy t-shirts are also an awesome promotional product. Getting your clients to wear custom t-shirts is a sneaky way of getting them to advertise for you!

But, as with any clothing trend, t-shirt designs go in and out of fashion. What’s hot and what’s not in 2019? Read on to find out.

Cool T-Shirt Designs to Try

What are the coolest graphic design trends 2019 has to offer? Keep reading for the best graphic tees.

1. Bright Is the New Black

For trendy t-shirts in 2019, bright is the new black. While dark shirts will always have their place, vibrant hues have taken over this year.

Brights look great when paired with a simple one color ink design.

2. Absolutely Abstract

Quirky, geometrical patterns are dominating the best graphic tees this year. Borrowing styles and patterns from the grunge-filled 90s, these cool t-shirt designs almost have a vintage look about them.

Contrasting primary colors are being matched together with fun patterns and unique linework for a unique result.

3. Say It with Flowers

Floral motifs and designs from nature are another fashionable trends for this year. Flowers are pretty, but they are being represented in sharper and stronger ways. A simple floral design can represent so much.

4. Go Wild

People have always loved showing off their pets on their t-shirts. But it’s never been very cool. But in 2019, animals will be all over cool t-shirt designs.

Pandas, zebras, and meme famous dogs will be all the rage this year.

5. Perfect Pocket Prints

One of the top graphic design trends 2019 has to offer is the pocket print. Many influencers are selling branded tees with a cute pocket design for subtle advertising.

In fact, front pockets on a variety of tops and jackets are a huge trend for 2019. These cool t-shirt designs are a great way to promote your message without being over the top.

6. Try Pop Culture

The year 2018 hit us with some incredible blockbuster movies. Pop culture t-shirts effectively followed. The new Jurassic World movie and the Han Solo movies to name a few.

In 2019, as well as Star Wars, there are many other potential pop culture movies ready to hit the silver screen this year. And the cool t-shirt designs will certainly follow.

7. Time Machine Time

The trending crowds of 2019 are stepping back in time and opting for retro typography. Throwing it right back to the 60s and 70s, the groovy fonts can create a retro flashback.

8. Repeat…Repeat

Repeating your message is the best way to make a point. Yes, repeating your message is the best way to make a point! Get the picture?

Trendy t-shirts that repeat messages are all the rage for 2019.

Trendy T-Shirts for the Win

As you can see, there are some seriously cool t-shirt designs trending in 2019. If you have cool t-shirt design ideas in your head, why not bring them to life?

Whether it’s for personal branding, promotional products or for your own wardrobe, we can take your design from paper to print. Check out our Artbox for some inspiration.