Athleisure is a nationwide trend, but carries a bit of functional credibility in the Mile High City. It’s a great trend for a lot of reasons, including its attention to the real life actions of those who wear athleisure clothing. It’s also a great compliment to the average Denver resident’s detailed workout regimen and generally clean diet. We’re all about health, comfort, and productivity along the Front Range, and the athleisure trend has those three tenets written all over it.

Our experts at Rocky Mountain Apparel are here to provide extensive graphic design and production services to our clients, from cotton tees and hoodies to athletic tops and outerwear. We’ve put together a list of top athleisure do’s and don’t’s for your closet:

First, don’t allow any piece to get too worn. With athletic wear, you’re already riding the line of casual-versus-gym clothes, and only clean lines and dryer-fresh looks will do. Be sure to keep your whites as pearly as possible and keep spandex from stretching out. Keep an eye on holes or pilling that develops, and be sure to repair and replace as necessary.

When rocking sporty sneakers, sweats, leggings, and tops, look for accessories that will spice up the look. Whether it’s a piece of signature jewelry or a sleek bag or purse, small details can make a casual outfit look more dressed up and acceptable almost anywhere, especially in Denver.

Mix and match to your heart’s desire, especially since gym clothes were designed for you to do this in the first place. Most athletic wear comes in neutrals, solid colors, or common variations of similar designs. These color combinations are often easy to match, and make wearing different pieces together and switching things up that much easier.

Finally, wear your comfort with confidence. Whether you legitimately just came from the gym or want to rock your best athleisure pieces on a day of errands, hiking, or a coffee date, stand tall and keep your body moving. If you believe you look good, other people will agree—we guarantee it.

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