It’s time for those looking to market their brands with apparel to think outside the box. Colorado T-shirts, hats, and hoodies are a fantastic way to get the word out about your brand and convince others to rock your logo, but those products may be getting played out after a couple iterations of design. It’s time to think across stitch lines and concept new ways to get your logo on some amazing apparel that others will want to buy and wear every day.

First consider a few different materials for your logo that would be useful to your audience. It’s not always about helping your customers look good, but rather about making them think of your business more often. For example, if your job is to market a brand in the business world or promote something like a new coworking space, the best products will be lanyards, flash drives, pens, water bottles, and even notepads that feature your logo, rather than t-shirts and hats. This is because people in relation to your business are most likely to be using these items day to day, and think of you when they use them. Being strategic about these decisions can increase your return on investment in Rocky Mountain Apparel promotional products, screen printing and embroidery services.

Then, think ahead to events or locations you want your business to be in order to reach customers more directly. These are situations where branded items created for you by Rocky Mountain Apparel are arguably most effective, because the gift to the customer comes with a face-to-face interaction. Is there a 5K run/walk event or networking cocktail hour coming up in the near future? Consider drawstring gym bags or ‘dri-fit’ workout tees rather than traditional ones, or be unique with a monogrammed stirring stick for your next customer’s sidecar. In many cases, it’s the details and ability to be useful in a pinch that count, and if it’s the right kind of free product, consumers are more likely to keep it for multiple years.

More traditionally, utilize products that are built to last. From beer pints to cell phone gadgets, some products are built to throw away when you first get home, and others offer real use in lieu of a more generic product from the store. What’s a logoed product that you’ve managed to hang on to for years? Maybe that will be your next order from Rocky Mountain Apparel.  

Head to our DesignLab today to begin concepting your next apparel masterpiece. We’ll then walk you through the steps of production, from finalizing your design to giving clean, memorable work back to you to distribute to your target market.