If you’re considering custom, screen-printed t-shirts for your company, you’ve come to the right place. Rocky Mountain Apparel has been helping both local and national clients with all of their custom t-shirt needs for more than 25 years.

For this blog, we wanted to outline the top 4 reasons you should consider printing some tees for your company.

T-shirts turn people into a walking advertisement for your company

We can all agree that renting billboard space is expensive. Yet there are other ways to get your logo out there. (Take car companies, for example. The fact that their logo is on both the front and the rear of their vehicles isn’t an accident—it’s marketing.)

If you’re not using custom printed t-shirts for your company you’re missing out on a lot of visibility. When people wear your t-shirts, they essentially become a walking marketing campaign for your brand.

Fun fact: industry experts estimate that when you pass out a single t-shirt, your logo will be seen more than 2,500 times.  All the people who see that t-shirt are potential customers!

Custom tees can help create team spirit among your employees

Marketing experts agree that the best performing teams are those who are the most cohesive. When you go to trade shows, or if your team participates in charity events (or if they march as a contingent in a parade), t-shirts are a great way to help create cohesion.

If the design is especially popular, you can even consider printing up shirts with varying designs and colors to pass out to your clients.

Prizes and rewards

Let’s say your company is running some sort of contest. Perhaps the contest is internal (ie: it’s for your sales team), or let’s say you’re a roofing company that has decided to hold a holiday lights contest for people who have recently had their homes reroofed.

Custom, screen printed t-shirts make for excellent prizes. If you want to step up your game, you could even print a few hoodies for good measure!

Are you planning on doing a company photo? If so, you could consider printing up a batch of t-shirts for your employees to wear during the shoot.

When you batch print tees, the cost can be quite reasonable. When you take the cost and you cross check it with the marketing opportunities each one affords your business, the cost is easily justified.

Tees can be sold at your store online

Last but not least, t-shirts can be a fantastic revenue generator. Whether you sell them in a brick and mortar shop or through an online portal, custom tees can help make your company money.

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